Cabins Volunteer -

The beautiful Jones Mountain Cabin - PATC's most "inaccessible" structure. Constructed entirely of chestnut logs in the early 1800s by Harvey Nicholson's father, this cabin was discovered in the 1970s by PATC and completely restored to its original condition.

Infrequently, cabin work trip opportunities are available in the PATC. Many of the PATC cabin overseers are independent, and do not normally require help in performing cabin maintenance. However, in rare cases, a large project might surface which requires the support of many people, and a cabin work trip will be announced.


A PATC cabin overseer works on the roof of the Meadows cabin located just outside the Shenandoah National Park boundary in the Central district.

Large cabin projects are often undertaken by the PATC Cabins Committee. Trips are announced in the Potomac Appalachian, the club's newsletter, on the Forecast page, and also on the weekly phone recording. If you would be interested in joining in on a PATC cabin work trip, just call the Activities Information Line at 703-242-0965, and sooner or later a trip will occur.

Infrequently, opportunities may become available to work as a PATC Cabin Overseer responsible for maintaining a PATC cabin in good condition. If you'd be interested in becoming a cabin overseer e-mail, or call 703-242-0693, then press #17 for Pat Fankhauser. She will add you to our list of prospective overseers.

Current opportunities are as follows:

Work crews help the overseer with the above mentioned duties. If you are new to cabin camping, joining a work crew is an excellent way to learn how to responsibly use a cabin, in addition to providing a valuable service to PATC. Most overseers visit their cabins 4-6 times a year resulting in about 150 cabin work trips annually club-wide. Although many overseers have recruited an on-going "team, many others look for help by asking friends and posting notices in the Potomac Appalachian.