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Map G. Massanutten Mountain-North Half (George Washington National Forest, VA and WV, VA-56 southward to US-211)
Edition 8, 2006

With the North Fork of the Shenandoah River on the western flank, and the South Fork on the eastern flank this "U" shaped mountainous area encircles Fort Valley an area selected by General George Washington as a location for a Continental Army "last stand" in the event of a unfortunate turn of events during the American Revolutionary War. This edition of Map G features the newly completed Massanutten Trail a loop trail about 72 miles in length. Because old, existing trails and newly built sections merged into this single loop trail, many primary trails and side trails now have new names and new blaze colors.  The map continues to highlight Sections 8, 9, 10, and 11 (41.4 miles total) of the 252-mile Tuscarora Trail.  Printed on water-resistant, tear-resistance synthetic stock in 6 colors.  Scale 1:62,400.  Contour interval 100 feet.  It provides enlargements of the Elizabeth Furnace campground and picnic area, the Camp Roosevelt Recreation Area, Woodstock Tower area and Lions Tale Trail.  Come explore the wilderness!  These trails are lightly traveled; making them ideal candidates for those interested in losing the crowds.


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