Appalachian Trail Corridor Monitoring Report

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Tracts Inspected Please check the box and describe in the comments section below if you found evidence of any of the following:
List tract numbers in numerical sequence.  Note if easement. Boundary line paint fading. Boundary line or monument damage. Garbage or litter Trespass or misuse Violation of special restrictions (if any apply) Development that could adversely affect the trail Damage from natural causes (i.e.: insects, disease, or fire)


Please completely describe any of the boxes you checked.  Include nature of the problem, location, size, and any other pertinent information.  Use additional sheets when necessary.  Feel free to make suggestions for follow-up procedures. Also, please list the monuments you monitored during your trip, whether you maintained the boundary line or just laid eyes on the monument. If any monuments were looked for but not found, please make a note of that beside the monument (e.g. "417-VA-8: not found"). If any monuments were damaged, please state "damaged" beside the monument and list how it is damaged (i.e. loose, bent, cap chewed, deformed, cap removed, or other).


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