Annual Ski Apres Ski Meeting and bash:    


WHEN:    May 18, 2013 from 4-8 PM.


WHERE: Catherine Payne’s place has a lovely place overlooking the Potomac River, just off the Beltway on the Virginia side near the Rt. 193/GW Parkway exit, abutting Scott’s Run Nature Preserve.


DIRECTIONS: Driving directions: Capital Beltway to Exit 44, Georgetown Pike, Rt. 193.  Turn onto Georgetown Pike inside the Beltway, toward Langley , not outside toward Great Falls . Almost immediately, turn north onto Balls Hill Rd (toward the River, not south toward McLean ).  Take the first left off Balls Hill Rd , which is Live Oak Road , a bridge going over the Beltway, and then paralleling the Beltway.  Take first left, onto Green Oak Drive .  Follow to end of cul de sac, and take the driveway to the left of the large eagle statue/sculpture.  Catherine’s house has the green roof, number 7035 Green Oak Drive .  Her phone is 703-827-0370.

CONTACT:  Please let STS Chair Rob Swennes know if you have any questions - either e-mail or call (703) 532-6101.


ABOUT THE EVENT: The winter weather will be one of many conversations at the Ski Touring Section's annual meeting and après-ski party scheduled for Sunday, May 18th.  The annual meeting will begin at 4 p.m.  The après-ski socializing will commence about 5 p.m.  Catherine Payne will again be hosting the events at her spacious Great Falls home overlooking the Potomac River.  The Section will be issuing a post-ski season newsletter shortly which will provide directions and other information regarding the event.  This is a pot-luck social, so all coming are encouraged to bring along a favorite dish to share -- from something healthful and nutritious to something decadently sweet.  There is virtue in variety.

One of the highlights of this gathering is the showing of photos from some of the season's memorable ski trips.  Another is suggestions and rumors about where the Section's trip leaders may choose to lead ski trips next winter.