About PATC's Ski Touring Section

Do you want to learn how to cross-country ski?

Do you want to get away for a vacation in the snow with other XC skiers?

 If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions, consider joining the Ski Touring Section (STS) of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC).

Since 1974, STS has been organizing activities to bring together D.C. metro area cross-country skiers. We sponsor weekend ski trips for all levels of skiers to the nearest snow belt areas: the mountains of Western Maryland, West Virginia and well as mini-week or longer ski trips to more distant locations such as Upstate NY, and the mountains of NH., VT, CO, UT, WY, and even Germany and the French Alps. We are only limited by a locations’ reputation for RELIABLE SNOW.


PATC/ STS is a non-profit, educational and recreational group of cross-country (XC) skiing enthusiasts. The Club provides quality services and benefits to its cross-country skiing members while promoting and supporting the goals of PATC: preservation of and respect for the natural areas in which we ski and hike; helping to maintain the accessibility of the trails; offer support and camaraderie to participants.


The biggest attraction is the annual November Ski Fair, held at PATC headquarters. Here you can meet trip leaders, find out detailed information about upcoming trips, sign-up for these trips, view slide shows of past trips, and listen to experts talk about equipment, training, etc. We typically finish our season with our annual general membership and election meeting followed by a social with a pot luck dinner. In between those events are our trips, for which we start planning during the summer.  In the fall there are trail work trips to some of the areas where we ski. This gives us an opportunity to help maintain the trails we use and have more knowledge of the terrain where we ski. There are other social activities that are organized by members of the Club during the year.


Trips will be offered during the winter months, usually late December through March. Some trips will be for the weekend, gong to West Virginia. Western Maryland, and Pennsylvania; some for extended weekends to Up State New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Quebec; and others for longer periods of time taking us to the western part of the U.S. and Canada or Europe. Our locations for trips are where ever the snow falls. There is at least one trip scheduled for every weekend during the months of late-December through mid-March.  Many of the trips go to locations that have XC SKI TOURING CENTERS which offer lessons and equipment rental. Check with the trip leader. Please read “Trip Participant Guidelines” on our web site for more details and information about registering for a trip.


STS sponsors XC SKI training events that benefit novices to advanced level skiers. There are one or more learn-to- ski weekends. There are also our Web Site, UPSLOPE newsletter, and STS electronic listing, all of which offer access to references and resources to help make your XC experience enjoyable.


UPSLOPE is issued 4 or 6 times a year. It will have Calendar of Trips, reviews of past trips, minutes of Club meetings, and other contributions from members.  It is sent by post which you will receive about a month after it is created. It is to your advantage to sign-up for electronic delivery; you will be one of the first to know about trips and other club events so that you can respond in a timely manner. And think of the trees you will save! Contact membership coordinator Doug Lesar at or phone 301-587-8041.




This is an automated subscription system of e-mail addresses posted under a secure heading – your e-mail address is confidential; it is not revealed as a sender or recipient of messages. The purpose is to communicate information/announcements related to cross country skiing.   If you have any questions about equipment, locations for skiing, etc., this is a valuable resource for expert information. It is also a good source for spontaneous ski trips.  To subscribe to the ListServ, contact membership coordinator Doug Lesar at  or phone 301-587-8041. When you receive ListServ confirmation, remember to put the ListServ email address in your address book.


 Our trip leaders and others may post the latest on our Facebook page including trip pictures. Often what is found on Facebook is not included in our web site. Joining Facebook is not required for viewing the public pages.


Our trip leaders and others including non-members may post the latest on Meetup including trip pictures. Often what is found on Meetup is not included on our web site. Joining Meetup is not required for viewing the public pages. Meetup Member Trips may not be STS members. Meetup is not associated with STS. See Listserv and Facepage for additional communications.